Commercial Construction Companies, Who is Right For You?

Commercial Construction Companies, Who is Right For You?

Construction DesignWorks, Inc. Specializes in Commercial Office Renovations

KANSAS CITY, MO- National construction projects databases such as CMD have developed categories to organize the numerous types of projects that are being constructed across the United States. It is important to note that each type of construction project typically requires a general contractor and design professional that specializes in each specific category.

“A business owner needing a commercial office renovation would be prudent to choose a contractor that specializes in that rather than a company that specializes in school auditoriums, “says Scott Hamele, President of Construction DesignWorks, Inc. “A contractor specializing in commercial office renovations would be abundantly more familiar with these types of tenant finish projects and those subcontractors specializing in that type of work and pricing for that size and type of project.”

When evaluating commercial construction companies, using the following categories or sectors in a search and interview process will assist in the selection. Selecting commercial construction companies and project management teams that specialize in a particular industry will result in competitive pricing as well as greater quality and a shorter design–construction schedule.

Commercial Construction Companies, Who is Right For You?

Commercial Construction

Automotive – Auto Dealerships, Auto Repair, Car Washes, Service and Gas Stations

Community Buildings – Auditoriums, Clubs, Community Centers, Convention Centers, Libraries, Museums

Educational – Boarding Schools, Cafeterias, Classrooms, College & Universities, Community Colleges, Day Care Centers, Dormitories, Elementary Schools, Fraternities & Sororities, Gymnasiums, High Schools, Junior High Schools, Preschools, School Auditoriums, School Laboratories, Special Schools, Vocational Training Centers

Electrical & Mechanical – Data Centers, Electrical Work, Machinery & Supplies, Power Lines, Power Stations, Substations

Entertainment – Aquarium, Broadcast Studios, Casinos, Concert Halls, Entertainment Complex, Movie Theaters, Playhouses, Television Production Studios, Zoos

Government – Courthouses, Fire Stations, Governmental Offices, Miscellaneous Government Buildings, Park Buildings, Police Stations, Post Offices, Prisons

Hotels & Motels – Hotels, Motels

Industrial – Hatcheries, Industrial Laboratories, Laboratories, Manufacturing Facilities, Oil Refineries

Medical – Assisted Living Facilities, Clinics, Hospitals, Mausoleums, Medical Offices, Nursing Homes, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Rehabilitation Centers

Military – Dormitories, Military Housing, Military Offices, Miscellaneous Military, Schools

Offices & Warehouses – Offices, Offices & Warehouses, Rental Warehouses, Warehouses

Religious – Chapels, Churches, Religious Auditoriums, Religious Classrooms

Residential – Apartments, Condominiums, Single Family Homes, Single Family Tract Homes, Townhomes

Restaurants – Bars & Taverns, Fast Food Restaurants, Sit Down Restaurants

Retail – Auto Parts Stores, Bank Branches, Coffeehouses, Convenience Stores, Crematoriums, Dry Cleaners, Fitness Centers, Florists and Nurseries, Funeral Homes, Individual Stores, Laundromats, Mixed Use, Opticians, Pet Stores, Pharmacies, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets

Sports – Arenas, Athletic Courts, Bowling Alleys, Recreation Centers, Skating Rinks, Swimming Pools

Transportation – Air Traffic Control Towers, Aircraft Hangars, Airport Terminals, Bus Stations, Parking Garages, Rail Stations, Transportation Terminals

Veterinary – Kennels, Veterinary Clinics, Veterinary Hospitals

Civil, Infrastructure and Landscaping

Civil – Airport Runways, Bridges & Culverts, Canals, Cemeteries, Dams, Demolition, Flood Control, Marine, Military Non-Building, Miscellaneous Civil, Pavement Markers, Railroads, Reservoirs, Retention Dams, Roads, Subways, Tanks, Tunnels

Sitework & Landscaping – Athletic Fields, Excavating & Grading, Fencing, Golf Courses, Parks & Landscaping, Sitework

Water and Sewer – Municipal Water and Wastewater Facilities, Sidewalks, Curbs & Gutters, Water and Sewage Piping

The informational list above is provided by Construction Market Data and can be found at

Even though a client’s business may fall into more than one category in this list, using it to narrow down the search for an experienced contractor should be part of the process. The Design-Build delivery system offers the best value for the owner. Commercial construction companies make up 54% of Design-Build projects as the primary or single-point responsible party, according to Zweig White. Choosing a professional team that communicates well, meets your qualifications and provides client references in your sector, is the next step to ensuring a good fit.