4 Cutting Edge Office Remodel Ideas

4 Cutting Edge Office Remodel Ideas

Hire a Design Builder to Increase Productivity

Construction DesignWorks, LLC has researched numerous cutting-edge ideas for office remodels that will attract better employees, keep them engaged and optimize the workspace. While every business is different and requires diverse design and construction solutions, these ideas are best delivered by a design-builder. A design-build delivery method allows the owner to realize the cost implications during the design phase versus after or during construction.

1. Offer up different workspaces within the office environment. Working in one place all day long takes its toll on an employee. It causes the worker to tire more easily, get bored and stifle their creativity. While a typical desk is where most work may be done, a couch, standing work surface, or a bench might be more suited to enhance and inspire their work experience.

2. Use of color throughout the office can boost imagination, increase productivity and make people happier. Assimilate a wide spectrum of color throughout the space. Divide different office functions by color-coding those areas; green for accounting, yellow for marketing, and so on.

4 Cutting Edge Office Remodel Ideas

3. Create community meeting areas other than a break room. Employees need to get to know one another on a personal level and do so in a comfortable environment that includes collaborative community tables, social lounge areas, and even relaxed indoor and outdoor sitting areas.

4. A flexible workspace layout can be the key to success. Employees need different work environments. An introvert may need a quiet private office, while an extrovert may thrive in an open office with collaborative spaces. Allow an employee to give feedback on how he or she is most productive.

Your business is only as successful as the happiness and productivity of your employees. Your clients will benefit from your forethought of incorporating these four ideas into your next office remodel.