5 Keys of White Box Construction to Attract a Franchise

5 Keys of White Box Construction to Attract a Franchise

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KANSAS CITY, MO- Are you a commercial real estate broker, building owner, or property manager? Then you probably like the idea of a franchise as a tenant. “A franchise brings a proven track record and increases traffic to your retail center,” says Scott Hamele, President of Construction DesignWorks, Inc. a firm that excels in franchise construction, “There are simple things that can be done to attract a franchise to your building.”

Electrical Supply

During the construction process of the white box construction, it would be prudent to increase the electrical service to meet the potential minimum standards of a future franchise. Most retail franchise tenants would be satisfied with 100 amp for every 1000 square feet. However, coffee shops and tanning salons are among several types of businesses that may require as much as 200 – 400 amps for 1000 square feet of floor space. This increase in amperage would also provide the electrical demand for additional air conditioning for these types of businesses.

Water Supply

Water main tap fees vary throughout the United States and can dissuade a building owner from installing a very large water main. However, this could be detrimental to attracting potential franchises. Even a doughnut shop can require up to a 1-1/4” water main. This could double the tap fee of a 1”, but might be worth it.

5 Keys of White Box Construction to Attract a Franchise

Sanitary Sewer

Most retail centers include only one sanitary sewer line that runs along with the back 25% of the building. Numerous franchise floor plans require restrooms to be located towards the front of the space. So it might be worth installing a second sewer line in your white box finish that would cover this portion of the front space and avoid costly line extensions in the future.

Grease Trap

Most foodservice businesses require a grease trap. Depending on the lot layout and rear and side access to the building, installing the grease trap and tank after the building has been constructed poses numerous challenges. Installing a community or individual grease trap or tank could double the likelihood of attracting a food service franchise.

Gas Service

Most food service franchises require additional gas service versus the typical retail store. Providing adequate gas service is important to accommodate this type of tenant. Either a larger volume or high-pressure gas service will be required. Do your research ahead of time and install for the future needs of foodservice tenants.

Franchise Construction requires a specialized type of project management. These specialized services include experience working with franchise construction standards, furniture fixtures and equipment (FFE) packages, schedules, procurement, and countless details that are specific to franchise projects. Click here to read about How fixing outdoor tiles can help and affect your children.

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