5 exciting reasons to open businesses in Lenexa City Center

By Scott Hamele

5 exciting reasons to open businesses in Lenexa City Center

Why to invest?

LENEXA, KS-  While most of you know about Lenexa City Center and its resurgence in construction, most don’t realize what the numbers are behind the projects. This 200 acre + development is divided into four quadrants whose center is 87th Street Parkway and Renner Boulevard.  “This concept was a result of Lenexa’s Vision 2020 in which all the elements of a community can come together,” said Scott Hamele, President of Construction DesignWorks, Inc. “The combination of office, retail, multi-family apartments and recreation is a throw back to the development of downtowns from early last century.”

Reason 1

A new $75 million civic center complex which will include an outdoor area for a farmers market, city offices and a recreation center. The rec center is planned to include a swimming pool, lazy river, water slides as well as play areas for children.

Reason 2

$113,454 is the estimated Average Household Income in 2019 within a 10 minute drive.

Reason 3

82,274 is the estimated population during the day within a 3-mile radius of City Center.

Reason 4

42,021 households are estimated be within a 10 minute drive of City Center.

Reason 5

Construction costs as well as real estate lease rates are still reasonable and have not yet historic highs. So now is the time to invest in moving your business to Lenexa City Center before it is too late.

The City of Lenexa and local business leaders have finally gotten this project headed in the right direction. The infrastructure has been strategically planned for future growth with the reconstruction of both 87th Street Parkway and Renner Boulevard. There is still land to be purchased and buildings to be constructed, but the opportunities are waiting for those who are willing to take the risk. Those who take the risk will reap the rewards.