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The Construction Resource Library

Below is a list of construction and commercial real estate related topics.  This information should be used at your discretion as each project is unique and this information may not apply 100% of the time. However, all information and definitions are a result of extensive research and review by CDW.


3 Tips for a Great Interior Design-Build Team

Acoustical Ceiling Installation Guide

Americans with Disabilities Act Standards (ADA)

BOMA Guidelines Summary

Bridging Documents

Building Inspections

Business Related

Ceiling Costs


Cold Shell Construction

Commercial Real Estate Lease

Commercial Tenant Improvements

Conceptual Estimating

Construction Management

Construction PLUS℠

Construction Terms

Contract Law

CSI MasterFormat

Design Build

Design-Build Architecture

Design Build- why it’s faster?

Dirtt Wall Systems

Franchise Construction

Franchise Construction Manual

Furniture Fixtures & Equipment

Government Related

Gypsum Board Finishes

Gypsum Sheetrock Installation Guide

How to help a Commercial Remodel Run Smoothly


IBC Building Code- 2015

International Building Codes

Intersection of a Construction and a Proficient Real Estate Lease 


Metal Stud Framing Assemblies

Paint Finishes


Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

Project Management

Real Estate

Simpler is Better

Sound Rated Walls

Span Load for Wood Joists

Spearin Doctrine

Tenant Improvements

Trade Organizations

Types of Construction Companies

USG Design Studio

Utility Companies in Kansas City Area

Wall Height Tables

White Box Finish

Woodworking Projects

Woodworking Terms